Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Camp moment

Outside, ropes, leaves, branches swayed in the misty wind as the children scrambled up the tree like spider-man, shook with fear as they climbed the gum tree and  encouraged each other at the tree climbing activity.

Outside, a soccer ball, children, parents zoomed around on the grass in front the gum tree and the parents dodged the kids, booted the ball and passed to each other beside the playground. 


  1. Great job Jacob you have improved from last year 😀

  2. Your writing reminds me of when I wheat camping because you did all of the things I did at camp

  3. Great descriptive writing Jacob. I was privileged enough to see you shaking with fear yet still climbing like Spider-Man. I also saw you win the tree climbing activity. You were awesome. If you get more time to write I would love to read about your mountain biking and trip to the hot pools.