Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Raining money

Whenever it rains and you're walking outside and you don't have an umbrella or jacket you get soaking wet…. but imagine this ... what if the rain was instead money ... you would be rich!  You wouldn't have to buy an umbrella or a raincoat for starters. All you would need was a basket to catch the raining dollars.   Oh how annoying, you just stepped in a puddle … unless it was a money puddle. 

Have you ever been at a rainy sports day and it got cancelled because it was pouring down with rain? That would never happen if that was money, you wouldn't be cold and wet, you could be playing sports rather than sitting down at home watching the rain. 

In the night the rain makes a jolly annoying noise on the roof so you can't sleep.   If that was in fact dollar notes dropping  down on the roof instead you would be able to sleep. You would go to sleep thinking happily to yourself “I’ve got a stack of money, I’ve got a stack of money!.” 
If raining money was real everything would be free. Everyone would wish for it to rain all the time. People would be singing “Rain, rain come again” instead of “Rain, rain go away come back another day.” 

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