Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Speech reflection

Some parts of my speech were incredible. I liked the introduction the most but I also liked the other parts too. The introduction was the best because there was a really funny bit which I got from a classmate. The challenge was choosing the topic because there were so many topics to chose from. First I had if everything was free, and then I had raining money. Finally I chose one, raining money. I felt really confident about what I had chosen. I feel really good about my speech because I liked my topic. I think it really suited me. 

 As I practiced reading my speech out loud I tried to look at the audience not the cue cards. Before I presented my speech to the class I got really scared and afraid. When I present my speech to the class I started to realise that I was actually doing it and it made me feel good. Overall I feel really good about my speech because I was really scared at the start but then when I got up it was ok and I kept a good pace as I spoke. 

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