Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Discovery Time Reflection

I have enjoyed making jelly because I did it with my friends and we were cooperating with each other. It was my first time cooking for discovery. It was hard to remember to bring the ingredients  for the jelly. The challenge I had was remembering the stuff to bring to make jelly. To overcome this challenge I wrote the ingredients on my hand.  We had to triple the recipe and boy it was hard because someone in my group didn't bring the right amount of gelatine.

Over the past two terms I was included lots of people in my group.  Overall I think that I learnt a lot of things this term. Two of these things was taking turns and helping  and cooperating with others. I was challenged to make decisions  about what to do. I overcame this by doing these activities in each discovery. I  am looking forward to making a quality movie in term four.

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