Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Joey the Troll

Joey the troll has the most awesome sweep over that I have ever seen. His sweep over is brown and black, well when I say brown and black I mean like the colour of a dark cloud. Joey is very lonely, he lives in a black, dark cave in the forest. In his cave it's so dark he can't even see when he's in his cave. His hair is dark green and his ears are pale white. 

Now I bet you're all wondering what his behaviour is like. He's very good but he can get up to a lot of mischief. He isn't completely lonely, he has one friend, he is a giant dragon and his name is Pete.  Get this - Joey is a superhero, he can camouflage and fly, he has jet boots, big green ones. Joey sees Pete quite rarely that's why I say he’s lonely. Joey is about my size. He has very funny underwear, it's pink with rainbows and unicorns.  He takes humongous strides when he walks.  You know how I said he is lonely, he spends most of his day slouching on his old wooden chair.

Joey has some other friends too, they include Steve the Rat, Timmy the Troll and Mr Banana.  When Joey speaks to his friends he gets a bit annoyed when he's around his friends. His friends think he is very funny because of his underwear. He really likes his little stuffed bunny because he can't go to sleep without it. He has a big bommyknocker which he uses to hit people when he is angry. 

When Joey talks to his friends he normally  would say “Trolla lol lol lol” but in a mopey way with a British accent. He does not like speaking in public!!! If he is speaking to his friends and family he's not shy at all. He is so loud you can hear him on the other side of New Zealand. 

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