Monday, 26 June 2017

High ropes

I feel so good because the activities, they sound amazing, especially the high ropes. Luckily we are doing it today. Now we at the high ropes activity. This looks so high. Let's do this! I was first in line on the giant's ladder. This looks easy. 

I got up a little more and… I'm stuck. Third to the top. This is so embarrassing, I am glued to the pole. Can I get down? My belayer buddy's must have heard me. You can come down my belayer buddy's say. I can not, not until Ollie has checked us off. Please, I am cold and scared so I jump down.

I am safe now on the ground here comes Ollie. You weren't meant to come down until I check the gear off. I am so happy I did that but it was so scary. On the way back to camp I ask Cooper how he thought of it, he said it was scary, so scary.

I leant that when I think I can't do it, I put on my growth mindset and I might achieve something I didn't thought I could do.

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