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Week 9/10 -playground plan

The activity I chose was to make a mini model playground.
Who I am working with: Harry, Enzo and Tom.
The material we need to make it: Popsicle sticks, toothpicks, cardboard paper, blue tack, a pin and toilet tube.
Shape the slide out of cardboard paper.
Glue one end of the slide to the base.
Tape 8 popsicle sticks together.
Put pieces of blue tack in the place we want them to be in this will be the climbing wall to get up.
Make a tunnel shape out of toothpicks for support.
Cut a circle out made out of cardboard.
Make a hole in the base and the merry-go-round.
Put pipe cleaners in a cross shape.
Monkey bars
Tape 3 toothpicks together.
Glue toothpicks to the frame.( evenly spaced)
Make a H shape out of toothpicks. x2
Poke the H shape into the base.
Glue the frame onto the H shaped stands.
Flying fox
Glue 4 popsicle sticks together.
Cut a half of a popsicle x4 and glue it on he bottom.
Glue a toothpick on both of them.
Attach string to both ends of the toothpick.
Glue 2 toothpick in a diagonal shape x2.
Glue 1 toothpick in between both of them.
Attach 2 precise of string to the stop bar.
Glue 1 bottle lid on the string.
Glue a toilet roll onto the flying fox platforms.
Tape popsicle sticks around the toilet roll.
Paint the bottom of the base green and cut spikes out on 2 opposite sides.

Week 9/10-Playground                           
Today we created a mini model playground . I think it went really well because we started off with an empty box lid and glued a swing to the bottom of the box with no colour, it didn't look that good. We took the swing off and painted the bottom of the box, glued the swing back down. After the glue on the swing had dried we painted the swing. When that was drying. We started to build one of our platform for our flying fox then we made the next platform and attached string to both of the toothpicks. It looks so much better. Some struggles for us were people in our group kept on forgetting they stuff including me this only happened to me because I had sports on. I need to improve on how much glue we put on because we weren't allowed any more glue sticks and it looks messy. Our next step is put in the merry-go-round.


Week 8 - Rocket balloons.
What is Force?
Force is something that makes something/someone move either in a pull force or a push force. Sometimes it works with gravity because if it starts from a height and you drop it gravity pulls it down. A push force you can use it in lots of ways such as when you push a door open you’re pushing. Thrust is when you start up a car and you start driving that is thrust. Acceleration is when you throw a pen you might notice it starts to speed up that is acceleration.

Materials we used to make the rocket balloons: string 7m 53cm, straw 10cm and a balloon 38x11cm.
Steps to make it: 
Get some string and put a straw on one end of the string.
Attach the string to two ends, such as walls(any angle).
Blow a balloon up.
Tape the balloon to the straw.
Let the balloon go and see how far it will go.

To gather data I used: a meter ruler, a 30cm ruler and an iPad to time.  We came out with lots of data. Our balloon rocket went slow then fast, here are our results that we recorded:seconds, 1.10, 108 and 122. We changed the length of the string so the length of the string was 7m and 53cm. That made it slow down and then to make it faster  we put a longer balloon on. I learnt that I use force a lot in my life. 

I learnt that rocket balloon use a lot of force such as push because the balloon travels along the string. I learnt that  force is always doing something to you even if you are staying still because force is bringing you to the ground so you aren't floating around.

How can I use this new learning. I can teach someone how to play cricket if they don't know. I choose this because when you bowl the ball force bring it to the ground and I push the ball out of my hands. When you bat you push to the ball and when you hit the ball it accelerate. I wonder if I could go to the moon and feel what it's like without gravity. How does my activity use force: the balloon will push along the string.

Week 7
Today I made a mini golf course. It turned out more of a ramp though. I made it with Enzo, Harry, Hamish, Thomas and Zoe. I found out that in one bit I will only work if you apply enough force . I wonder if the chair was higher it will still roll I to the bucket. I wonder this because it bounces pretty high anyway. 

Week 7
This week I did rocket balloon. I worked with Cooper, Hamish G,Thomas and Liam. We found out the big balloons work better than small balloons because the big balloon has a bigger hole so the air can come out faster. I wonder if the balloon could travel straight up. 


Week 5
This week I did ping pong ball ramps with Harry and Tom. We found out on our ramp that when the ball goes down on a smooth surface it goes faster but on a rough surface such as carpet it goes slower

Week 6

To watch (something and someone) carefully and attentively.
Facts and statistics collected for reference or analysis.
A force causing speeding up, slowing down, change in direction.
The speed of something in a given direction.

Week 4
This year I've done my science learning. We did: tug of war, we made catapults and balloon rockets. 

What I found out: That the air of the balloon can push itself up the rope. I wonder if was straight up it would still go to the top. 

A plastic spoon can fire a cotton bud pretty far but if you have popsicles sticks you don't have to hold them you. They are held by tape but I wonder if different kinds of tape would affect the catapult.

In tug of war I found out boys vs girls the boys won, I think that happens because there is more boys than girls or boys could be stronger same with year 5 vs year 6. I wonder if lots of year 1s vs not has much year 6s who would win.

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