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Arts blog

Arts Blog

Week 10
Money shot
This week we took some photos to try and capture the heart of Waimairi school in different ways. Harry, Cooper and I, went to He Tangata. When we got there they were doing drama acts. I found one that I really liked because it had lots of movement, friendships, trust and more. I didn't get to see the whole thing, but when they performed it I got to see it, and it always amazing. It was amazing because I didn't really get why they were trusting each other and now I do.

Week 7-9
Sculpture Reflection
Found art is when you find random stuff a make sculptures.
Our found art was a Refreshment robot.
We got our idea from: Play with me is a robot that wants people to play catch with his grenade. We called it a Refreshment robot because I bought spray grenade and it sprays water to cool you down.
What went well: the only thing that went well was finishing the robot. It looks pretty cool because of the grenade and it looks like he is about to throw the grenade. I would change the design of the robot because I think the milo can is to big.

final copy

Week 9
Gold Coast
This is a special childhood memory. Wake up! Wake up! It's time to leave said mum and dad.
Leave for what? I said. The Gold Coast. I tried to get my clothes on but I was too comfy. I finally got my clothes on and before I knew it I was on the plane flying to Australia. When we got to the airport it was time to wait for our van to come, but of course I'm not used to the hot air, the van took along time and my palms started to sweet. We were on the road and there is a lot of wildlife to see. We arrived at the mansion I saw my cousin which we hardly see because they live in Australia. I had my togs on that day, SWEET A POOL!!!!! I jumped in not even thinking how cold it would be.

We got to choose our room that the cousins got to sleep in. It was kind of annoying because no one could get to sleep. Since I am not use to the time in Australia I woke up at 3.00am. My cousin, My brother and I made a movie. When we woke up we continue with the movie. The movie is about a ghost the hunts the house.

In our spare time we played Go Home Stay Home One Two Three. The house was really big so it was good for the game. This is how you play: someone is in, there is a home you have to run to without getting tagged and after 3 rounds the last person to the home is in with them.  

I can't wait until Thursday because we are going to Movie World and Seaworld on Friday. My favourite ride in Movie World is the Arkham Asylum and my favourite ride in Sea World is the Jet Rescue. We had 2 more days after that day. I did not want to leave but when my cousin did I really wanted to leave.

When we got back on the plane I got the window seat. I got such a good view of the Southern Alps. When we were about to land my ears started to sting. We landed about 7.00pm. Our friends from Queenstown came to picked us up and drove us home because they were staying at our house. When we got home we had lots of party food. If you haven't been to Australia? You should go.

Week 7
Kapa Haka
At Monday meet up people in Kapa Haka had to perform top-less whitch kinda sucks because they was a lot of people staring  at us. Apart from that it was fun performing because lots of people were watching and I felt proud.

Week 8
Fly on the wall
Harry, Cooper and I went to He-Tangata to do Fly on the wall, if you don't know what I mean I will tell you: you go in
to a building, class and other stuff, for us we took photos to capture the heart of Waimairi school. In the end you are being a… Spy.

Week 6
Calendar arts
This week I cut, glued and coloured in a piece of paper. For my calendar art I made a mosaic picture-kind of. The people that don't know what mosaic is, it is  when you make a picture colour it and cut it up, glue the pieces with little gaps to match the proper picture. I did say I kind of made a mosaic picture because I didn't put the puzzle in the right spot.
Week 4-5
That one looks like a good spot, Oh I forgot to tell you what we are doing, we are taking photos or selfies to capture the heart of Waimairi school. I took a photo with my friends, by myself and of a place at the school. This was a good opportunity to find the heart of the school.

Week 2-4
Arts rotation
For the last 4 weeks we have been doing dance, drama and music. I have done dance and music. Music is when you find some stuff in your class and make music. Dance is when you learn lots of different types of moves. Such as high, low and still.

Week 1
Arts gallery trip
Hori is awesome life looking mannequin dressed in a tuxedo. I was on the bridge about 20 meters away from the next art room, I was waving at some people, I turned around is he was just looking at me. Is he real? I went a little closer, I tried having a staring contest… but I lost.

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