Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Hide and seek

Hide and Seek.

18, “run” I hear my friends say. 19... 20. Here I come. I am cold, I have to stay still and quiet or else I will get found… I can smell, the smell that everyone dreads. People that are trying to find you. Come out, Come out wherever you are. Oh no I am the last one left. Will they ever find me, I think. “Guys check the fridge”. ‍Which fridge do they mean. Let’s go to the garage, come on. So there I was left alone forgotten, but I didn’t know that.
37 minutes later.
Hello, I said in the loudest whisper, no one answered. I came out of my awesome hiding spot, the fridge! They… were watching tv! I was full of rage, madder than ever! You forgot about me. They just say, “when did you get here”.

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